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About Couples Travel

Hello and thank you for reading our blog. We are Kirsty and Andy – the travelling couple. We made this blog to firstly capture the memories we created on our travels and holidays around the world. We also wanted to share what we thought are the best things to do for couples when travelling around some of the best places in the world. One thing that really strikes me about living the 9-5 life is how the days, weeks and months just roll into one. When your out and about and living life you remember a lot more about specific days and what you did. These memories we created ourselves will last forever and we hope one day to be the coolest Grandparents alive with the most fascinating stories. Isn’t that what everybody would like? Obviously many of our activities are subjective to taste. We have very different preferences to one another even as a couple. Kirsty tends to enjoy the highlife and fine dining experience whereas I would rather find a scrubby old joint, tango with the locals and eat drunken junk food in a strangers house. I suppose for a reader this means you get the best of both worlds to discover what will suit you as a couple. I also want to add that money has never been a factor in stopping us from travelling. This doesn’t mean we have a lot. In fact far from it. When we began our adventures around the world when I was earning a mere £14,000 a year as a personal trainer and Kirsty was at uni working part-time. We still managed to find our way around 3 countries that year. Read how to get the cheapest holidays ever for more info on that. We really hope we help you on your holidays and travels as a couple and let us know your stories because that’s what it’s about.