Getting lost in Venice

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Getting lost in Venice


Now with Venice, we have to say a word or two about going here. When people talk about travelling, there is this stigma that you have to go off the beaten track and avoid all tourism as much as possible. I agree with this to some extent and some of the best times are when we have just turned off our phones and seen where our feet take us.

Although Venice is very known and stereotypical about being so Romantic, to me, thats not a bad thing, this is something to embrace, feel and experience. Lets face it, if somewhere is ‘touristy’  it is usually because it’s a very good place so has become popular.

So let’s get to it…

Most romantic things to do in Venice

1. Gandola – Although very conventional, just do it! It costs a lot more than it should and will set you back between €70-100. It really is a great way to see the city from the canals. Most guides will ask if you want them to give you a talk which you should take up because their knowledge is great.

2. Get lost in the windy streets – We took the most amazing photo which we now keep in our living room by getting lost buy cialis online without prescription. Just go off the beaten track and keep walking. There are so many truly beautiful, almost untouched parts of Venice (well makes you feel like that) so just explore.

3. Kiss at the top of St Marks square tower – Highest point of Venice. 360 view. Say more. Go up there and view the beauty.


Romantic restaurants in Venice

Every road you walk down you will see either a pasta joint or a ice cream parlour.

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