Romance in Ireland – Dublin

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Romance in Ireland – Dublin


Dublin for couples

There may be a few stag dos around but never the less; the pubs and bars around the city are also well suited for couples to have a good piss up together.

We went to Dublin in December just before Christmas. We had just finished watching the film ‘P.S. I love you’ when we decided to book Dublin and there was a moment we were looking for that related to the film.

When we were there we had kind of forgot about the film until it actually happened to us. We had just come out of the toilet and all of a sudden ‘Fairy Tail of New York’ comes on from the live band. We both looked at each and just laughed but it was a very special moment which we will never forget.

Dublin Couples Travel

Dublin Couples Travel

But first a home truth about Dublin…

So were sitting in a pub, deep in the city centre, the Guinness is flowing and live singer is playing. The Irish singers in bars are basically comedians with a good voice and like to interact with the crowd in and around each tune.

So the singer asks ‘so everyone, let’s see where you are all from…. Is anyone in the house from England?’… A roar of stags and other tourists erupts in a cheers and claps as the British typically would in such a call out.

Next he asks ‘Anyone from America in?’ again a few shouts and whoops. ‘Anyone from Russia?’ He keeps going reeling off places from around the world. Again each time cheers and shouts of people claiming their origin.

Lastly he goes ‘Is anyone from Ireland here?’ and with that everyone looks around as the room goes silent. Literally there was not one Irish person in the packed bar! The entire bar staff were from Eastern Europe and I felt a bit cheated to be in this ‘Irish pub’ with only one Irish singer.

After looking into it, tourists in Dublin amount to about 1.6 times Ireland’s whole population. So what is Dublin if there’s hardly any Irish? Being totally honest, it’s a wonderland of what Ireland represents in a fake commodity but with that, it’s still a great place to visit. And there is no excuse if you’re from England. A flight can cost you literally less than a taxi home so it’s just about finding a decent hotel within your budget.

Nightlife in Dublin for couples

I think if you’re a couple that likes to go out then it doesn’t matter whether a place is good for ‘couples’ or not, it will just be a great place to go anyway. So with that in mind, here are some of the places we got boozy.

Stags head

Stags Head Dublin

Stags Head Dublin

The Stag’s Head may be located in a touristy neighbourhood, but it is still a solid Irish pub. The bartenders are great, located in a beautiful historic building, the décor is lovely, and they carry some decent beers…try something by Kinnegar Brewing its class.

Enjoyed a late night listening to music in the lower level. Very popular place! Large and lively crowd in a great location!

Confession Box

Confession Box pub Dublin

Confession Box pub Dublin

It is without doubt the friendliest pub in Dublin. The staff and customers are lovely and you won’t find a better pint of Guinness in the city.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar dublin

Temple Bar dublin

It’s got to be done, hasn’t it? OK, it’s touristy, busy and a cliché, but I definitely recommend going in, even if just for one drink. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was busy, though we managed to get a couple of seats and see some live music. The place does get rammed of a night and tends to be the place where fights occur in Dublin.

The Brazen Head

Brazen Head Dublin

Brazen Head Dublin

Dublin’s oldest pub is still kicking: a fun, friendly bar with lots of atmosphere.

This place made our weekend. The oldest and quaintest pub in Dublin. Such a unique place. Lots of rooms filled with trinkets and memorabilia. There is also a large courtyard with covered areas and outdoor heaters. I would advise anyone visiting Dublin to go here.

Enjoyed a great Irish pie here and Irish coffee to finish off a great weekend.

Something I’ll never forget…

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