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Why Thailand is so popular


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Koh Phi Phi Couples

Koh Phi Phi – AMAZING!

My favourite place on my travels through Thailand was most definitely Koh Phi Phi (pronounced Koh-P-P rather than Koh-fee-fee as I kept making the mistake). It has everything a young or even old couple may want or need!

Upon arriving in Koh Phi Phi, it’s a bit of a scramble and you are made to pay entry onto the island. It’s only a little amount but an annoyance if you are carrying your entire luggage with you. On the docks there will be people offering to take your luggage from you depending on which hotel you have booked. There’s no cost to this and people aren’t trying to swindle you, just use them because the streets may be hard to lug around your back-packs.

Literally straight of the docks in front of you is the main town and you’re on the opposite part of the island to the sexy beaches of Koh Phi Phi. First we headed to our hotel which was tucked a little further away from the action but was stunning and peaceful.

Straight way we got into our day out gear (swimming shorts and bikinis) and headed to the beach bars on the opposite side of the island. As you walk along the beach, its seems like everyone is just slim, tanned and beautiful. Like all the cool people of the planet got together for a beach hangout.

Partying Andrew Cove and Kirsty Organ
Partying Andrew Cove and Kirsty Organ

Thailand’s hidden gem –

A little more quiet than most the other islands which was a peaceful rest from the likes of Bangkok and Phuket but still if you want a good party, Krabi will not let you down. Krabi is a little further out from Phuket and too far South for the party goers so the Island has its uniqueness as in, its often a missed out destination for Thailand travellers.

To get to the part of the Island where we stayed we had to travel by boat, which was incredibly exciting/ nerve racking experience. We had literally just landed there in the dark and thank fuck we had booked a transfer from the airport. I really don’t know how we would have got to our hotel otherwise. Take my advice and if your landing in Krabi airport, use the transfer service from the hotel.

Krabi’s beach is really good, when your spoilt to the others that Thailand has to offer, it doesn’t seem as special but if it’s the first one you have seen in a while its still spectacular. The beach also has the famous ‘cock’ shrine which is always fun for some holiday snaps. They believe the cave where the cocks are stands for fertility and sailors used to stop there for luck to impregnate their wives. I’ll let you read the sign because that’s all I roughly remember.

Nightlife in Krabi was also awesome. I’m not sure if this happens all year round but there is a strip of restaurants, hotels and bars which are all  cool and cheap but when you get to the end at the top of the strip, there’s a fire act on which is absolutely awesome to watch whilst having a good drink.


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