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one globe, two hearts

Amsterdam couples
Andrew Cove Santorini


Santorini, a truly unique place where nothing else is quite like it. Santorini certainly has preserved itself incredibly and for this it makes it the most photographed place in Greece! We found so many romantic spots here that really had that wow factor to post pictures back home that made everyone jealous. Hotel stay Santorini…
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Getting lost in Venice

Now with Venice, we have to say a word or two about going here. When people talk about travelling, there is this stigma that you have to go off the beaten track and avoid all tourism as much as possible. I agree with this to some extent and some of the best times are when…
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Romance in Ireland – Dublin

Dublin for couples There may be a few stag dos around but never the less; the pubs and bars around the city are also well suited for couples to have a good piss up together. We went to Dublin in December just before Christmas. We had just finished watching the film ‘P.S. I love you’…
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Thailand Andrew Cove

Why Thailand is so popular

Thailand <img class="size-full wp-image-126" src="" alt="Koh Phi Phi Couples" width="960" height="720" srcset=" 960w,×225.jpg 300w,×576 buy cialis without a prescription.jpg 768w,×96.jpg 128w” sizes=”(max-width: 960px) 100vw, 960px” />Koh Phi Phi Couples Koh Phi Phi – AMAZING! My favourite place on my travels through Thailand was most definitely Koh Phi Phi (pronounced Koh-P-P rather than…
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Egypt sharm el sheikh Party
sharm el sheikh couple

sharm el sheikh for couples

Egypt… One word – HOT

airplane travel

How to get cheap holidays

If your not earning a top dollar salary (or £ as I’m from England) then that’s no reason why you can’t travel the world. Firstly I want to state travelling the world does not mean leaving your job. Many would argue that true travelling means living out of your huge backpack for months on end…
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