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Copenhagen New Year

New Years Eve in Copenhagen 2017

In true travelling style, we jetted off for a beautiful city break in the wonderful city of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark to see the new years celebrations of 2016/17. Copenhagen is a small, quaint city in northern Europe, so the temperatures a little cooler but that’s what a wonderful Christmassy break is all about…
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Couples kiss Ireland

The Ireland Roadtrip

Ireland is a place of singing, dancing and scenery. This mini-break saw us travelling from the UK to Dublin on a nice £15 flight. Hiring a car from the airport and hitting the road for a well planned trip around the beauties of southern Ireland. Here are the highlights, recommendations, mistakes and best things we…
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Andrew Cove Budapest

Our rave in Budapest

Our rave in Budapest Flights from Birmingham Hotel: Opera Garden In the months of October-December, to break up those cold and dark nights we usually decide to get away for some sunshine and to top up the summer tan. This year, we couldn’t quite find anywhere we fancied and the cheaper options of Turkey, Egypt…
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Lisbon Couples Travel

Lisbon the good, the bad and the beautiful

What and how? We went to Lisbon from Thursday to Sunday, so a nice little 3 nighter holiday with cheap RyanAir flights from Manchester. Our hotel was the Evolution Lisboa Hotel a sweet little four star job with great TripAdvisor reviews. We stayed a little further out of the city centre but was a pretty good…
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Andrew Cove Santorini


Santorini, a truly unique place where nothing else is quite like it. Santorini certainly has preserved itself incredibly and for this it makes it the most photographed place in Greece! We found so many romantic spots here that really had that wow factor to post pictures back home that made everyone jealous. Hotel stay Santorini…
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Rome romantic meal

Why we got engaged in Rome

It was approaching 3 years Kirsty and I had been dating and those questions of wedding bells from friends and family were coming in more and more. Everyone knows we love to travel so having kids hasn’t really felt right inside until we feel we have seen the world. So did the thought of settling…
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Romance in Ireland – Dublin

Dublin for couples There may be a few stag dos around but never the less; the pubs and bars around the city are also well suited for couples to have a good piss up together. We went to Dublin in December just before Christmas. We had just finished watching the film ‘P.S. I love you’…
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Barcelona romantic

Barcelona the city with everything

Barcelona getaway for Andy and Kirsty