Lisbon the good, the bad and the beautiful

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Lisbon the good, the bad and the beautiful

Lisbon Couples Travel

What and how?

We went to Lisbon from Thursday to Sunday, so a nice little 3 nighter holiday with cheap RyanAir flights from Manchester. Our hotel was the Evolution Lisboa Hotel a sweet little four star job with great TripAdvisor reviews.

We stayed a little further out of the city centre but was a pretty good location nevertheless. Metros are a fantastic way to get around like any other city so used them to get to and from easy enough.

So the interesting and best parts of Lisbon…

The castle

The castle offers fantastic views of the city and is certainly worth 8.50 euros to get it. Right away you’re exposed to wonderful views of the clay rooftops of this old city. At the top there’s a ‘Wine with a view’ van which we decided why the hell not have a drink. After sipping some fine Portuguese wine making us stupid and brave tipsy, we headed around the castle pissing ourselves at all the nucks and crannies we could stick our heads in and get photos. This ended with Kirsty getting rubble in her glass which I had to filter out into mine so she could finish her wine. Hold out on the pricey food inside and look around at some of the local restaurants a few hundred meters away.

Wine with a view Lisbon
Wine with a view Lisbon

We spent a lovely afternoon in Zambeze Restaurante which has a huge outdoor dining space. We ended up dozing off in the sun with cocktails.

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Kirsty Lisbon

The cobbled streets are long, windy and steep. Your quads and calves will take a battering from all the walking and getting lost but when you hit your destination you will get that runners rush which will make the wine all the more sweeter.

City Centre

Get out at Baxia stop from the metro and head up to the Getting drunk is Lisbon is a lot of fun, make sure you find the right places else you risk getting ripped off at 5-6 euros a A taxi into the city from the airport will cost you 12 euros no matter where you are staying and they will charge you for your bag if it doesn’t matched the meter. My advice is to just plan a metro route to your hotel from the airport as that’s going to be the cheapest and quickest way in.

Lisbon Trams
Lisbon Trams

The Elevadores

The truth… Yes it’s cool and makes you think how different people’s lives are but by the time we found the bloody views and trams we were absolutely shattered and just wanted to sit down. We were keeping an eye out for it all day and following tram tracks in the hope to see the view where all the pictures are taken. We actually ended up stumbling upon the picturesque view accidently and after all the hours in search for this one picture, we took it and looked at it for 5 seconds and headed off.

Best bars in Lisbon


The best place to go for an amazing sunset with relatively cheap drink. Prepare for this place to be very busy as it’s not quite the hidden gem it makes out. It took us an hour to find a seat in this chilled location. It’s at the top of a car park which makes it all the more interesting and a half cider will cost 2.50 euros. The sunset over the rooftops will top off any long walking day.

Watch out for drug dealers, there not as inconspicuous as most other countries and will literally shove some cocaine in front of you asking if you want some sniff. Obviously turn them down, walk away and ignore them… unless you want that sort of holiday.#

Wine with a view Andrew Cove
Wine with a view Andrew Cove

Irish pubs – Give them a miss

Wherever you go in the world there always seem to be a typical Irish pub. The ones in Lisbon (and there’s a few) are no different and if you wish to get into the culture and truly experience a country then don’t bother with these places. Just go the spoons at home if your looking for a place to drink with no life in it.

Instead ask around and head to the places the locals tell you to visit. When you ask them don’t ask where does everybody go? But ask where do you go on a big night out? That way you’ll end up finding the better hot spots that hopefully aren’t there to just rip you off.


Lisbon is certainly a small but great city to visit. You could get away with just a few nights here and end up seeing a lot whilst also having time to relax and drink wine. The place is fantastic and not too stressful for couples to visit. If one of you isn’t too active and doesn’t enjoy walking up too many steep hills without knowing where your going, give it a miss else you will end up hating each other easily by the end of a short weekend.

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