Our rave in Budapest

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Our rave in Budapest

Andrew Cove Budapest

Our rave in Budapest

Flights from Birmingham

Hotel: Opera Garden

In the months of October-December, to break up those cold and dark nights we usually decide to get away for some sunshine and to top up the summer tan. This year, we couldn’t quite find anywhere we fancied and the cheaper options of Turkey, Egypt and others alike were a no go with all the terrorist threats happening around this time. This left us with the city break option and with a roll of the dice we chose Budapest.

After doing the usual research before heading off which usually involves multiple visits to TripAdvisor, scouting out the best pictures on google images to see and then reading a few independent blogs such as this one, the list of ‘to dos’ still seemed a little bare. It consisted off:

  • Party in some crazy bars
  • Go to the outdoor baths
  • Visit the parliament building

So that’s pretty much what we did and it turned out to be one of my favourite European city breaks ever! And without further ado, this is how we found it.

Nightlife in Budapest is amazing!

Budapest Andrew Cove
Budapest Andrew Cove

The streets look a bit intimidating as the night begins to fall upon the city. In between most streets and alleyways lies homeless people all around, it’s probably the densest city of homelessness I’ve seen (someone may be able to confirm this). Knowing that it’s always just the two of us and as the bloke I have to be the ‘protector’ and my plan was to keep my wits about me and not drink too much. This lasted about an hour…

I enjoy dressing smart in the city and went out with my blazer on but immediately felt out of place. Budapest is too hip for ‘smartness’ and too unauthadox to give too much of a dam about looking the part. The difference in our outfits on day 1 of partying and day 2 of partying is something to laugh about now.

Look at me, I even rolled up my trousers (I saw it in a magazine) just wanted to act the part with the hostel travelers.

Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert in Budapest
Szimpla Kert in Budapest

Szimpla Kert is simply amazing. It’s one of the most interesting and fascinating places I have ever partied. Walking into this weird and wonderful face is a thrill in itself. It feels rustic and dangerous but as soon as you see everyone just boozing away, you just get it. It’s a place to not give a dam and just have a ruddy good old piss up and dance.

There are a few other places like this but this one being a few hundred meters away from our hotel, we ended up hitting this club every night in Budapest.

Drinks weren’t too expensive but certainly not cheap. Just enjoy it and stand in awe of the craziest club you will ever see.

Best restaurants for couples in Budapest

Budapest was great value for money when it came to food. We ate out every day for an evening meal and the average cost of restaurant meals for 2 was around £15… with wine!

I highly recommend the French restaurant located the opposite side of the river of the Budapest Castle. What converted to around £50.00 we had an amazing 3 courses with a bottle of wine to share. This restaurant is Michelin recommended and also couples-travel recommended.

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