Couples kiss Ireland

The Ireland Roadtrip

Ireland is a place of singing, dancing and scenery. This mini-break saw us travelling from the UK to Dublin on a nice £15 flight. Hiring a car from the airport and hitting the road for a well planned trip around the beauties of southern Ireland. Here are the highlights, recommendations, mistakes and best things we did on our Irish road trip.

Couples kiss Ireland

Day 1: Birmingham to Dublin

We began with a nights stay in Dublin. Having been Dublin before we headed straight out to enjoy it’s liberating nightlife. Any Irishman or true Dubliner will tell you that Dublin’s true nightlife is as far away from Temple Bar as you can get. If you go where all the tourists go, you will be doing yourself a dis-service and just seeing a polished, fake and overpriced version of Ireland aimed to forfill and rip off the drunken revellers. Instead head from Grafton Street to Georges Street where the locals will be drinking. Here you will find actual Irish people working in the bars instead of cheap labour from Europe as you will find in those bars previous mentioned. canada cialis online pharmacy

Grab yourself a Guiness. You’ve earnt it. We stayed in a lovely B&B with a perfectly friendly Irish hostess who gave us all the best advice where to take lunch and in the morning she cooked us up a mean Irish Breakfast including bacon, sausage, all the other shit and topping it off with ‘white’ black pudding. Cost of the hotel was around £70-80 for the night just a mile or two outside the city centre.

Day 2: Dublin to Galway viagra cost

Road trip ireland

2 h 19 min (208.4 km) via M6 and you’re in Galway. A scenic drive where you can take your time with no traffic. Not once did we hit the breaks and it was a simple drive. We decided to turn the sat nav off and got a cheeky snap of pretending to read the Ireland map. In truth we followed one straight road, struggled when we got to the end of it, then got the Sat Nav back on to find our next hotel. 

Galway has to be one of my favourite places on earth. The small town just has this truly relaxed, gentle and friendly feel to it with a slight hipster style.

Galway Nightlife for Couples

Galway street nighlife
Galway street nighlife

A well detailed step by step guide to the best bars in Galway is not needed here. You will get the most out of Galway by discovering it yourself and creating your own story. There are plenty of pubs and bars to choose from, just listen to where the music and noise is and let your thirsty pallets follow.

Galway door

Nightlife Galway
Nightlife Galway


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