Why we got engaged in Rome

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Why we got engaged in Rome

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It was approaching 3 years Kirsty and I had been dating and those questions of wedding bells from friends and family were coming in more and more. Everyone knows we love to travel so having kids hasn’t really felt right inside until we feel we have seen the world. So did the thought of settling down in some quiet suburb with a cat or a dog but something inside clicked when I booked those tickets and knew something serious was about to happen in my life.

If I’m being honest, and Kirsty knows this or at least I hope she does, getting engaged was a bit of a whirlwind, snap decision. Of course I had thought about it for a while and knew I wanted to do it for even longer but the when and how was one of the biggest parts. Enter a trip to Rome…

Upon arriving the temperature was good and the stress levels were down. With the worry of getting a ring through customs going unnoticed out the way (and by the way guys, it doesn’t get pulled up on a metal detector as paranoid as I was, with some bloke feeling my inside crotch thinking he was going to ruin the surprise.) I was ready to enjoy the holiday.

Amazing and romantic things in Rome


colosseum couples travel
colosseum couples travel

Of course, the colosseum. I really don’t want to explain to much because I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s a truly amazing site to see and one that I will wish to see again. The history and feel of the place just encapsulates you mesmorisingly. I was like a little kid with a wild imagination thinking of all the battles and blood split upon the grounds on the earth I stand on.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain couples travel
Trevi Fountain couples travel

This is not my picture first of all. Unfortunately the fountain was undergoing maintenance when we were there so we didn’t get to experience this wonderful view. We did however get harassed by photographers handing out pennies to throw into the not watery construction site. Its a must do when your there and its pretty central to so many things so you could stumble upon it and head to so many locations from there.

Asking the question…

Part 1 of the evening: Getting ready and hiding the ring

There were a few stages before this back home such as asking her father Roy if we could get married (I’m terribly traditional like that). Talking it through with my best friend (always a must for any major life decision) but the night came to pop the question. Stage one involved presenting a gift of which was a dress I had brought her as a surprise from back home. I wanted to build the tension throughout the night to make the experience like no other. She tried on the dress which I thought looked amazing. Whilst she was flustered with the gift I grabbed the ring from the suitcase and headed to the bathroom to conceal. No it didn’t enter any orifice but I was that paranoid she would somehow find it on me, it went through my mind. I ended up putting it in my blazer inside jacket (picture in the main blog image). Every hug a paranoid me thought would give the game away with her feeling the big box in my jacket.

Part 2: The Place

Hotel Eden Rome
Hotel Eden Rome

I took Kirsty to Hotel Eden Rooftop Bar which is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Rome. No matter how you wish to do it, it boiled down to two options for me to choose from. Either to do it quietly alone in some romantic backstreet where nobody could see us, or go all out and do it big. I chose to go big and pushed the boat out with Eden. All the research lead me to the fanciest place I could find in Rome. If I had felt different at the time or it didn’t feel right I would have postponed it until it did.

So upon entering we were greeted by name ‘Mr Cove, how are you? Come take a seat in our lounge…’ I felt like royalty as we sat down in the luxurious suite. They had a pianist playing with a vocalist which every time I think about it now wells me up inside. As he was playing, me and kirsty got quite emotional at the setting and it was just one of those frozen in time moments.


Part 3: Asking the question

There were many thoughts in my head as I knew what approached. Every conversation you’re having with your partner is battling with the build up in your head and the little voice inside whispering ‘make it special, your about to propose’ . You try to take everything in but can’t, really your in your own bubble wanting to make everything perfect for the women of your dreams sitting in front of you.

We sat down and ordered our dinner after getting through a glass of wine. We were both speaking about how amazing Rome is and how the place we were in was incredible. I knew it was time but before I had to pop to the gents to compose myself. I excused myself and headed into the toilet. I looked in the mirror and had another look at the ring, I could have broke down a little and cried right then but took a deep breathe and got my game face back on and with confidence I knew it was the right moment and headed back to my seat after stealing the fancy tissue on offer.

I sat back down where Kirsty was looking at me, I began a speech with a small quiver in my voice. I can’t remember my exact words but they were just expressions of what she had done for me, what she meant to me and the future I see together.

I began to move my seat and get down on one knee. Kirsty bursts into tears and covers her face as I carry on my words to her. It’s a very emotional moment and what seemed to last for 5 minutes of crying (good crying I may add) she said yes.


So we did it, we are now engaged. No more words needed to end this post, just the picture the next morning…


Rome getting engaged

Rome getting engaged

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